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Related article: Date: Sun, 01 Jan 2006 19:22:12 -0700 From: Xavier Subject: Afraid of Thunder #4Afraid of Thunder #4 by Xavier LThis is a fictional story containing sex between a father and his minor son. If you have a hard time separating fantasy from reality, or if this theme turns you off, you shouldn't continue reading.If you are interested in my other stories, you can find them listed in the Authors section under XavierL (toward the bottom of the list).Please feel free to email me with comments or if you'd like to be notified when there are new stories or updates to existing ones at Later that night, when it was time for bed, we crawled into bed together. I was wearing boxers, and he had on his pajama bottoms. He snuggled against me as I lay on my back. I left my hand glide gently over the soft skin of his bare back. After a few minutes, I found my hand cupping his ass cheeks through the flannel fabric. As I slowly traced the curves of his cheeks, I felt Nate's hand go to my boxers where he found my erect dick. His fingers slid into the fly of my underwear. I saw him look up at me, and so I bent my head and kissed his forehead lightly."You want my bottom again don't you?" he asked matter of factly.I was a bit surprised at his question, and so I paused before answering, honestly, "Yes, I do very much." His fingers slowly stroked my cock absentmindedly for a few moments before he pulled away and rolled over onto his other side so his back was to me. I watched his pants disappear under the sheet. Curious I reached my hand out and found his bare ass greeting me. "Oh my precious baby boy!" I said excitedly. I hurriedly pushed down my boxers, lubed my dick, and then put my cock in his ass. "This is when I feel the closest to you son," I said as my rod entered him more deeply.Now inside my son, I began slowly fucking his tight ass, my hand roaming over his upper body and then following the silky skin down to his hard dick. I began slowly stroking his small cock. "I love being inside of you," I added, and then I began picking up speed, my cock sliding Free Preteen Models back and forth in his well-lubed hole as I kissed his face and neck. I reached down and grabbed his leg behind the knee and hoisted his leg up as I fucked him faster.I found myself wanting me of him, so I pulled out and rolled him onto his back. I yanked his pajama bottoms completely off. Once again I took his legs and pushed his knees toward his chest. As my cock reentered his ass, I placed his legs around my hips. His heels dug into me as I began pounding his small butt. I leaned down and kissed him passionately as my cock invaded his ass. "See? The more we fuck, the easier it gets." My hungry mouth cut off any reply he may have been ready to give.Once again I pulled out of his hole. I rolled him onto his tummy. He put his butt into the air immediately. "Oh yeah Nate! I know you want Daddy's cock!" I said as I got into position and fed him my throbbing cock. I held onto his tiny hips as my rod assaulted his rear. "Fucking you feels soooo good baby!" I looked down at him and saw his angelic face. His eyes were shut in pleasure, and his mouth was open. He was getting off too, and that made me wild. I began fucking him harder intensely watching his face as I felt pressure build deep within me. I became more frenzied, and then my cock exploded as I slammed my dick all the way into his ass one final time. His ass muscles tightened around my spasming rod, and I felt myself go weak.I lay down as my cock continued emptying in his ass. I began kissing him once more. "My beautiful, beautiful boy," I cooed. My fingers ran up and down his lean sides relishing in the feel of his young flesh.When my orgasm was finished, I lay down next to him. Without my saying anything, he quickly moved so his crotch was at my head, and then I watched his naked body stretch out over me. I opened my mouth to welcome the descending dick, and I began sucking his dick as he fucked my mouth. His little body rose and fell over me only for a short time before I tasted his cum in my mouth. I held him down on top of me as I milked him dry. He lay back down next to me, and I rolled him onto his side again. I draped one of my legs over his as I pulled him into an embrace, briefly separating only so I could turn the light off. And then we fell asleep, our naked bodies pressed together, my special son enfolded in my arms.The next morning the alarm woke me up without affecting Nate. He had an early soccer game today, so he had to get up. "Nate, honey," I said softly, shaking him gently. He made a sound of protest. "Come on. You have to get ready for your game!"Another sound of protest.I pushed the sheets down exposing his bare body and morning rocket. I leaned down and began sucking on his nipples. "Time to get up little boy," I said teasingly, kissing down his chest toward his stomach. "Hmmmm. How can I help this little boy wake up?" I asked aloud playfully, my lips now kissing his belly. His small legs spread voluntarily as my mouth went to his thigh. I allowed my lips to continue up his thigh to his nut sac. He moaned quite loudly as my lips began sucking on his nuts. "Hmmmm. What else can I do I wonder.""Suck on it Daddy!"I've been turned on before, but hearing my son tell me to suck his dick was too much! I ran my tongue up the shaft of Free Preteen Models his small erection and ended by flicking my tongue against the piss slit before lowering my mouth onto him. He grabbed fistfuls of hair as I began sucking him off rapidly. His hips began bucking as I worked his cock with my lips and tongue. In no time I felt the rapid shot of his cum against the sides of my mouth. I finished him off and sucked on his balls for a while as well thoroughly enjoying how he writhed in the bed."OK, now it's time to get out of bed and get dressed young man!" I said laughing at his expression. He looked like a cat when it's incredibly content. I half expected to hear him purring. I babied him further by helping him dress, my hands lingering in favorite parts as I begrudgingly helped him cover his nude body. "From now, I think when we're home alone you should be naked!""Why Daddy?""Because I love your body!" I answered, his smile showing great satisfaction in my response.We had breakfast and then rushed off to the park. When we got there, no one else was there. I checked my watch and it said it was 9 a.m. I pulled the note from his coach out of the glove compartments and saw the game wasn't until 10:30! Coach would get there early, but we still had a good wait ahead of us. "Sorry," I said to Nate. "I guess I misread the time.""That's OK Daddy."I gazed at his handsome face and felt my dick awakening. "Well," I began, "Might as well make our wait worthwhile." I undid my seatbelt and leaned over and began kissing Nate, my hand dropping to his crotch. He returned my kiss, and I felt his hand Free Preteen Models rubbing my dick through my pants. I broke the kiss, again looking around the park. We were in a fairly secluded area and would have plenty of notice before another car came into sight. "Nate, move into the back seat," I said.I helped Nate crawl into the back. I got out of the car, opened the door next to where he was sitting and had him lay down. He stretched his thin body across the seat. I reached over and pushed his shorts and underwear down releasing his hard dick. Then I stretched over his body and began blowing him again. I felt him unzip my pants and remove my dick from my boxers. "Oh yes baby!" I moaned as I felt his breath against the head of my cock. I lowered my hips, and he scooted so his head was almost off the edge of the seat. My cock slid into his mouth more, and I felt like I was on fire. We sucked each other's cock until he came first.I moved away from his body and had him sit up in the car. I stood up outside the car while he returned my Free Preteen Models cock to his mouth. I placed my hands on his head and began fucking his throat. He moaned with pleasure as my rod filled his mouth. His moans brought me to orgasm, and I held onto him as my juice rushed down his throat. He finished me off."Do we have time for more?" he asked wistfully.I looked at my watch. "No baby, too risky."He looked saddened by this news."How about when we get home from the game?" I put my cock away and zipped my pants back up. I had him scoot over as I joined him in the back seat. I then pulled him onto my lap, his shorts still at his thighs as kissed him deeply. Occasionally I would stop kissing to double check no cars were coming. I let my hands wander over his legs and then under his shirt so I could enjoy the sensation of his bare chest as we kissed.It was near time, so I finally broke that off and had him pull up his shorts and underwear. A few minutes later his coach pulled up.I thoroughly enjoyed watching Nate play, especially the sight of his tight ass in his soccer pants. The satiny fabric seemed to hug the curves of his buns so beautifully. He played a good game, and the coach took everyone out for pizza. I visited with the other parents and enjoyed myself, but I desperately wanted to get Nate home again!When he was ready to leave, I had to force myself to not run to the car. I told him what a great game he had played as we drove home. We pulled into the garage, and as Nate got out of the car and walked toward the door, I saw him already removing his shirt. YES! I thought.I joined him in the living room. By the time I got there, his shirt lay crumpled on the floor, one shoe accompanied it, and the other was coming off. I quickly removed my clothes and joined my son's naked body on the couch. As soon as I sat down, he straddled me, his hard cock pressing into my stomach as he planted a kiss on me roughly. I returned his kiss just as greedily.After a few moments of kissing, he slid off of my lap, pushed apart my legs and then began devouring my cock. I relaxed and allowed him to pleasure his father for a while. Then I grabbed the bottle of lotion sitting on the table. "Let me get some lotion on son," I said.He removed his mouth from my dick and watched me coat my cock with the white fluid. He moved over as I moved from the couch and knelt beside him. "Bend over the couch baby."He moved up so his torso was resting on the couch. I spread his cheeks apart and gazed at the inviting hole. And then I lowered my head to his ass and began licking his hole. "Daddy!" he cried in ecstasy. I kept it going a little while longer before moving into position behind him."Daddy's gonna fuck you good!" I said, and with that I began sliding in my cock. I can't wait! I thought, and so I forced my Free Preteen Models dick in a little faster than normally. His body stiffened beneath me, but he gave no other indication this was too much. Still, I eased up a bit on my push forward. Once my dick was about halfway in, I began fucking him. Each time he felt a little looser, I pushed my cock in further. When it was in almost all the way, I began pumping his ass faster, making longer thrusts which drove us both wild. I held onto his small hips as I began ramming his ass harder. Oh fuck yeah! I exclaimed silently. Soon we were both grunting as my cock plowed into his hole.When his little hand reached back and gripped mine, that was all it took, and my load was blasting into his insides. It was so forceful, I almost cried out. My breathing felt ragged as my cock continued emptying its load. I reached around and took hold of my son's dick and instantly felt the wetness of his orgasm. I left my cock in his butt for as long as possible before removing it. I sat down, my ass resting on the floor. He came over to me, sat in my lap and started kissing me again. I held onto him as I lay on my back. He shifted his body so that he lay outstretched on top of me. I pulled him close to me, kissed him on the top of the head, and told him, once again, how much I loved him."I love you too Daddy!" he replied, snuggling his head into my chest as his arms wrapped around me. Watch for part 5
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